Syawal Gift Of Knowledge

Gift of Knowledge: Play your part to make the internet a safer place for all.

With the pandemic, the digital world has become a key feature in our daily work, study, and play. Helping to bridge the digital divide with devices and connectivity is vital, but it is equally important for our children to have the awareness, skills, strategies and knowledge to stay safe and responsible online.

At only RM40 per child, you can gift this course to as many B40 students as you can.
Just 3 steps to lend a helping hand:
Syawal Gift Of Knowledge

We are raising the digital #whiteflag for our B40 students to have #digitalindependence.

The white-flag campaign or #benderaputih movement was initiated to encourage Malaysians to help others in distress during the prolonged lockdown. Our children have not been spared. Due to the prolonged school closures, they were forced into an online world where not many are prepared nor ready to keep themselves safe and be responsible.
Would you allow your child to drive a car without a driver’s license?

Our children are “driving” around in a world with unfamiliar rules, regulations, best practises and will ultimately run into dangerous situations.

This is what we are advocating for – help our vulnerable children via the digital #whiteflag movement by giving them the awareness, skills and knowledge to stay safe and responsible online. This is what #digitalindependence is all about.

We are counting on your generosity to gift this course to as many B40 students as you can, at only RM40 per child! We will match your purchase and send the course(s) as a gift to other B40 students.

Just 3 steps to lend a helping hand:
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We are collaborating with PINTAR Foundation to help our B40 children -  donation through them is tax exempted.

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