Rajveen holds a degree in English and Education, a Postgraduate in Commerce, and a Master’s in International Business Management from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Almost a decade in New Zealand, she supported ESL learners from China in language learning alongside working as a professional in Contact Energy Ltd.  Moving internationally, her focus was working in the Turkish Ulugbek International School and the Westminster International University in Uzbekistan. During her 4-year tenure there she worked on developing a positive culture at work reinventing process flow and approaches to solidify collaborations and partnerships. As a teacher and lecturer, to support her students, she learnt Russian, and was involved in a variety of language teaching initiatives to a range of age levels encompassing professional writing, IELTS preparation and national checkpoint assessments, both at the school and tertiary stages, applying her CELTA qualification

In the past 7 years at LeapEd Rajveen has held a range of roles as an experienced programme developer, education designer and training specialist with a deep understanding of quality management in an education environment. Rajveen has conducted a range of training & development workshops to build capacity internally as well as deliver external programmes ranging from teaching and learning, school improvement planning, quality assurance and knowledge sharing sessions. Rajveen’s skill set in Teaching & Learning has enabled her to lead several pockets of innovative approaches. Rajveen is also experienced in building cross curricular links across subjects to ensure primary foundations are built around a supportive and conducive learning environment with connections to real world contexts and applications which has led to an embedding of a Generalist approach in classrooms in Trust Schools.

Rajveen is also a HRDF certified trainer who is working towards a certification as a Coach with ICF (International Coaching Federation) where she is developing her skill set to nurture talent, unleash potential and overcoming limiting self-beliefs. Rajveen hopes to further her qualifications in Coaching to enable people to discover their strengths, self-efficacy to harness improved outcomes personally & professionally