Prakash Arumugam

Prakash has a Degree in Biotechnology (Hons) from University of Malaysia and is an ICF Professional Coaching Certificate and a HRDF certified trainer. He has over 15 years of work experience in education specializing in Mathematics for secondary school learners.

As a Head of Department, he worked closely with leadership teams, and training and coaching teachers to embed 21st century teaching and learning in classroom best practices. He was also actively involved in enriching the syllabus to widen the scope of Mathematics.

Prakash joined LeapEd in 2016 and worked on a range of projects around school transformation initiatives alongside school leaders and teachers such as upskilling and improving the teachers’ leadership and pedagogical skills through instructional coaching. In his current role he develops and delivers capacity building training programmes including coaching. As a certified coach, he leads the facilitation of the coaching training and clinics. He is a passionate member of a coaching team in LeapEd that drives coaching culture in the organisation.

Prakash has vast experience coaching many schoolteachers, leaders, and officers in the Ministry of Education. He is passionate about empowering people to attain their full potential and increase confidence to enable them to face inner and outer challenges and achieve their desired goal.