Emily Dew

Emily has completed her ICF Professional Coaching Certificate with the Corporate Coach Academy, Malaysia. With six years coaching experience, she specialises in Instructional, Leadership and Career coaching. Emily has successfully worked with many young leaders to find their purpose, launch projects as well as apply for ivy-league colleges and scholarships. She is passionate about enabling people to achieve their full potential and develop confidence through supporting them to face challenges head on and achieve things they never believed possible.

Emily holds a Bachelors degree in French Studies from the British Institute in Paris, University of London and a Masters in Education, Gender and International Development from the Institute of Education, University College London. With over 15 years’ working in the field of international education, she has gained experience in North and South America, Europe, India and South-East Asia. For the last nine years’ Emily has worked on a variety of large-scale education reform programmes in India and Malaysia.

Her areas of expertise include programme design, management, monitoring and evaluation as well as building capacity through coaching and curriculum development for a range of adult audiences. Always seeking to understand programme impact and sustainability, Emily is certified in Human Capital Planning and Investment and recently completed a course in Executive Leadership, University of Oxford, Said Business School.