Former BBC Broadcast journalist Damian Tate started his career in education as a BTEC lecturer in Digital Media at ParkLane College in Leeds. In 2004, the UK government, supported by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency, launched its school ICT modernisation campaign. Damian was headhunted by a leading EdTech company in the private sector to train UK school teachers how to effectively adopt ICT in teaching. As this role developed, Damian began providing global support to schools from Europe to the Americas to Asia overseeing the successful implementation of ICT inleading schools to support teaching and learning in the classroom. His experience was sought in Malaysia as part of the MOE’s 2012 nationwide school improvement program. Taking up the role of Head of Training between 2012 and 2016 he was responsible for the design, development and delivery of many of the largest ICT Teacher Training Programmes ever delivered to Malaysian schools.

In 2017, Damian set up a new EdTech unit for LeapEd. As Senior E-Learning E- Learning developer technology he passionately advocates for digital literacy and enjoys identifying innovative ways to equip Malaysian teachers to adopt technology to inspire and educate students. He also understands how technology can support teachers to continue their own professional development and lifelong learning, and how schools can adopt technology to improve administration and management processes. This experience and insight highlighted the challenge educators will face as Industrial Revolution 4.0 transforms classrooms and curricula of the future.

Damian is passionate about exploring how this unprecedented and rapid pace of change and to support how Malaysia adopts and embraces this new world order.