Core Series On The Road!

A hectic dash through the KL traffic took our Core Series Team to Subang Airport heading to south for our first Core Series Introductory Session for Middle Leaders. After a short plane hop to Johor Bahru, the team got an early night before heading to Excelsior International school for an early morning workshop with 28 middle leaders from Private and International Schools from around the city.

Early Morning Enthusiasm

A prompt start at 9am began a fast paced 4-hour session. Using adult learning theory, the courses are all designed to give time and space for participants to share their experiences, before learning some new ideas. No adult likes being told what to do, so Core Series ensures all prior experiences are explored without judgement before examining some new approaches.

Strategies to be taken into the classroom

We began by sharing our experiences of leadership in schools – the good, the bad and the ugly. Typical problems that Middle Leaders faced included managing difficult members of staff, maintaining staff morale, and ensuring that standards of teaching and learning are high across their area of responsibility. Our middle leader themes and topics may not be transferable directly to the classroom, but the approach to the training certainly is. We model good teaching and learning by using clear learning objectives, collaborative activities, and learning structures that can be used in any classroom.

The Middle Leader Brain

Before the workshop, participants were asked to keep a diary of how they spent their time in school. You could hear even a penny drop as the 28 participants analysed their data and took a look at how they were spending their time. Many agreed that a lot of time was taken dealing with staff issues and engaging with parents. It was great to hear them share how they managed this workload and ensured they had time for strategic thinking and planning, rather than just firefighting.

4 Hours in a Flash

The morning session flew by in a flash, with conversation flowing into lunchtime. There was a palpable enthusiasm in the air as participants discussed how they would apply what they had learned in their schools. Many of the participants shared their thanks as they left. Val Hart, a Grade 5 teacher and curriculum coordinator, shared that she had enjoyed the session tremendously.

“The training was amazing. Being given a chance to reflect upon and collaborate with peers on middle leadership is invaluable. Great tips given and it was run smoothly. Plus, we had some laughs. What more could you ask? Outstanding! I just wish it had been longer!”

If you could like to find out about how our Core Series can inspire your middle leaders – the people in the engine room of school development – get in touch today!